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I think that most people have wave of sadness when a good vacation comes to an end, however, when I leave Orlando, it’s a deeper sadness. I had a lot of great times there and made a lot of great friends there. That’s why I go back as often as I can. The city itself is fine, not my ideal place to live, but he people are amazing. Nice, caring, talented and typically under appreciated. Plus, I got to do a lot of radio there and it was incredibly fun.

I also have a best friend that lives in Orlando, but I did not meet him there. We met in Washington, DC. Some of you know him as Matt Albert. Matt has transformed his life completely. He works a full-time job, just transferred to UCF, majoring in English. He also has been dating a woman for a while now and I finally got to meet her in person. I actually really liked her. She has a quick wit, is very smart and very kind. I am actually very jealous of Matt. He’s still the same guy I met 10 years ago, but he’s the best version of himself. He’s a confident guy, works hard, has a great relationship and most of all, is a happy guy, but still hilarious. I truly do miss him, but I’m glad he’s out in the world and not on the IM talking to me – even though I selfishly would like that. Matt is a popular guy in Sanford. I have named him “The Prince of Sanford.” We’ll explain why on the podcast, but he is a VIP.

It was also great to see another of my best friends, Dickerman from 101.1 WJRR. It was even better that we got to do the podcast with Dickerman and Matt. I am just sorry that I was so exhausted from waking up at 5am and traveling that I was not 100% “on.”

As you know, Dickerman and I worked together, trained together and had two shows on WJRR at the same time. It was definitely the most fun I had working in radio. He’s one of the funniest guys I’ve met and I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about him. Make sure to check out his afternoon show. He’s one of the good guys.

Speaking of supporting some of the good guys… Tom and Dan! Daniel Dennis is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. I worked in the internet department and could never keep up with him! I never thought he’d leave radio (he “seemed” pretty happy and I knew he made a good living) but a few years ago I wrote him a recommendation on his LinkedIn, just because I thought so highly of him. He’s that guy that does everything better and more creative than your best work without even trying – but he’s such a genuine person that you can’t resent his talent. Tom is cut from the same cloth. A tireless worker who knows how to make anything fun and funny. I worked with him on a few of his stunts when I was in the internet department and he was always a pleasure to be around. I was always laughing because he makes every situation so much better.

The fact that they are doing their podcast full-time and kicking ass is a testament to their creativity and work ethic. The show is fantastic and they have something special. It sounds amazing and I’m constantly laughing at work while listening to it – so if I get fired from my “real” job, you’ll know who to blame. I was so happy to see the guys. They didn’t need to invite us in. I was so happy to see both of them. I would have been happy just to sit and watch the magic they create live. The fact they had us on and promoted our dumb show just shows how wonderful these two guys are. If by some chance you haven’t listened, please do yourself a favor and check out A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan. Become a BDM! I am!

It was also great reconnecting with some former listeners, a married couple, Lester & Rhonda, who met on our old show! I guess the old show did some good after all.

We also had stand up comic Ross McCoy on, aka El Ross. Ross was a big contributor to the old radio show and parlayed that in to becoming a really great addition to A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan. I knew he was funny but he kills on that show.

In addition to Ross, we also had Samantha from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan on. Sam and I struck up a friendship via a fan group of the old radio show. Plus, she seems to really love Not Dead Yet (I know, it’s still a shock to me too.) Sam kicked ass on our podcast (as she does on T&D.) She has helped me out by listening and commiserating with me when fans and/or haters email shitty things to me. I consider her a real friend and am so glad she’s working with great people.

I also got to see a ton of other people, but it wasn’t enough time and I hope to see you all more sooner than later.

Alex and I forgot how nice almost everyone in Orlando is. From the waitresses to the 7-11 employees, we were treated with respect and genuine kindness.

I did get to lay by the pool for a few hours and do absolutely nothing. My allergies are a little worse in Orlando, so that was kind of a bummer.

Alex and I have a ton of stories about traveling – I think he jinxed me on both flights, normally I have ZERO problems when traveling.

When we landed I was still in vacation mode. I kept thinking, “Hey, shouldn’t I be doing something or going out tonight? Oh yeah, vacation is over.” I was super happy to see my dog, but I was also sadder than normal. I really miss everyone I know down there. I just don’t miss the tap water…

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