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Not Dead Yet Podcast

“It’s a carnival! It’s what we make of it!”

What is Not Dead Yet? How is it different from the Hideout, Ron and Fez, The Monsters and the Last Resort? Well, each podcast Alex and I have done has evolved, so I don’t know that I can answer that. It’s a fun time, we both enjoy doing it. If we feel like being honest and embarrassing ourselves or each other, we will. We won’t end a show by feeling bad or attacked. We do take the show very seriously. I can’t tell you how much work I’ve put in to this show. Most of my day is thinking about topics, imaging and things we can do for future shows.

Do I miss “real” radio? Yes, I do miss collaborating (and improvising) with an ensemble cast of characters. I miss a few of the callers. I miss having tons of songs, sound effects etc at my fingertips. For me, there was no better feeling than everyone firing on all cylinders and knocking a segment out of the park. But doing the two man show with Dickerman showed me that a show can be smaller and still be great and a ton of fun – if not more so.

Of course, I don’t have the access and convenience of a computer, instant replays and 360 machines for drops. It’s also great to have that “built in” audience of a terrestrial show. Creating an audience for a podcast is MUCH more difficult. And while none of the shows I was on ever got much attention from the sales or marketing departments, we also no longer have the (small) support and extra marketing money… so tell your friends to listen!

Alex Corolla aka “Chunks” is a talented guy. I just threw up in my mouth writing that, but it’s true. I have enjoyed every show we’ve done so far. I wish he was a little less crazy, a little less angry and a little more “normal” but the crazy things that happen to him make for a great podcast.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s not the Hideout. It has elements of it, because we did have a big hand in shaping that show. I REALLY try to avoid callbacks and references to the Hideout. We are trying to build something new and for any new listeners, they won’t care or understand what “I hope you’re funny as hell Pedro.” That is funny, but it was a lifetime ago. It’s also not the Last Resort (click the link – TRUST ME!) because Dickerman and I have a completely different chemistry than Alex and I do. If anything, I’d say it’s a bit more of a “classic” Ron and Fez style show minus the callers. Ball busting, odd segments, but no crazy stunts. It’s still going to evolve. There’s going to be less yelling and rave outs from Alex as we start to tackle more topics. I promise the show will only become more entertaining as we move forward.

I miss talk radio and I love podcasts. I hope to help fill the void for others like me.

– Tommy Bateman

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