The Two Reunions

“Hey, tommy, this is Ron & Fez’s producer…” I saw the name pop up on my FaceBook messenger and didn’t recognize it immediately. I wondered who this was and why they were messaging me. Once I read the message my trepidation turned to joy. It was incredibly talented Chris Stanley asking if I knew how to get a hold of Ron and Fez listeners/characters from the WJFK DC Era. Producing is what I do best and was super pumped to help out.

Though I did have a small fit of anger. “We’d also love to have Alex back on as well!” which I thought meant, “We want Alex on the show, not you.” So after I angrily embarrassed myself Chris said, “Of course you’re invited,” and everything was right with my world again.

Sid and AlexAlex and I will have a full recap of our tour of the Sirius/XM studios in Washington, DC. A lot of memories came back. We did a lot of crazy stuff with Ron and Fez and other shows on WJFK. I’ve made lifelong friends from working there. We even hung out with Sid (aka Cigar Sid, aka Sidcada, aka fat baby, etc) and went to eat with him after the show. We will have to have him on soon, as his world is COMPLETELY different. No one will ever guess what he’s doing now.

I felt very lucky and privileged to not only attend this private event, but that we were actually INVITED to it. I’ve always loved the Howard Stern show, and radio in general, but when I started listening to Ron and Fez on 12-3AM tape delay weeknights on WJFK, my world changed. I so wanted to be a part of that show. I never actually wanted to work ON the show, because let’s face it, that usually didn’t work out so well for those people, but I wanted to hang out with them and just be a part of the Friday night parties they threw. Ron and Fez was unlike any radio I’d heard before. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this with anyone, but a year before I was in radio at WJFK, I was looking for jobs and places to live in the New York/ New Jersey areas, just so that I could hang out with the Ron and Fez show. I got lucky and fate sent them to me in DC.

Ron Bennington and Daniel Dennis ( are the two funniest, quickest, and most talented people to ever talk in to a microphone and I’ve gotten to work alongside both of them. I am incredibly grateful for that. I know I’ll never be that talented, but it helps me to understand how to improve by watching their “process.” If you ever have the chance to listen to either show, or see them in person, do it. Your life will be better because of it.

It was really great catching up with Ron, Fez and especially Sid.

There is no show this week. The past two days my body has been alternating between being cold and sweaty with being hot and sweaty. I can’t breath through my nose and generally feel run down. Alex isn’t feeling great either. We have come to the conclusion that eating at Five Guys in DC, after the Ron and Fez show, made us ill.

We will be back next week where we run down a full recap of the Ron and Fez show, Ryan’s birthday, Alex’s birthday, whether Alex played Santa at the Holiday Party at his work, and we will each talk about Christmas movies we’d like to see made. This and much much more… Like Alex’s dryer breaking 😉

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