nbc-undateableAnyone that knows me or has even had a brief interaction with me knows, I’m short, AND my two greatest loves in life are TV and comedy. They also know that I’m not the average, “Let’s watch football and talk about tits,” kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love women and want to see them all naked, but I’m not that typical American guy. I have a bit of depth to me, where I’m always looking for something deeper. So it should be no surprise that my favorite TV shows are a bit out of the ordinary – they are doing something completely different.

Currently, I am waiting for Hulu to upload the West coast version of Undateable Live, as I watched the East coast version as it aired last night. If you’ve missed Undateable Live during it’s third season, and you love comedy and art that breaks the mold, then I truly pity you. I am a huge stand up comedy fan and was familiar with Chris D’Elia. Brought to us by Bill Lawrence of Scrubs fame, (HUGE Scrubs fan here) I watched the first season, and honestly, I was a bit unsure about the first few episodes. Then things started to click. I really looked forward to the show each week. The chemistry between Chris D’Elia and Brent Morin is infectious. Chris gets a lot of the laughs, but Brent is an incredibly underrated comedy genius that sets him up for the slam dunks.

The show is cast incredibly well, with everyone working together as a team. The writing staff has done an amazing job of writing stories that play to the strength of the cast, as well as crafting legitimate laugh out loud moments (the Maury Povich homage in the Christmas episode and the Notebook Sprite rain scenes come to mind.)

This season the cast did a live version on the East coast, followed by another live version for the West coast. The shows were so fun, that I watched the East coast live, or on my DVR, and then the West coast the next morning on Hulu. Each episode had the same storyline, but different ad-libs thrown in by the cast and writers, trying to make someone “break” on camera and laugh. The cast and crew have said that the East coast show is the “show” and the West coast is more about them entertaining themselves. It’s truly been one of the TV highlights over the past few months. Even better, they added Whitney Cummings to play Chrs D’Elia’s love interest. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Whitney Cummings. She’s got a comedic flare that I haven’t seen in anyone else before, a truly unique voice and she works her ass off.

One of the coolest things about the show is how they use being live to incorporate social media in to the show. During breaks, and even during the actual show, cast and crew will periscope action behind the scenes. They also have a strong faction of loyal fans on Twitter, called the #Jsquad – truth be told, I have no idea what it means, but I’m a proud part of it. I have a new bit where I say that writer Chris Luccy (@boynamedluccy) is my best friend. He’s cool enough to play along.

The fact that Undateable Live is doing something different, something no other network TV could probably pull off on a weekly basis, while producing some of the funniest moments I can ever recall, probably means it’s too good to be true. I’m hoping NBC renews it. There are only a few network tv shows I can stand to watch any more. The Grinder is well done and funny, Brooklyn 99 is still good, but I’m losing interest and Grandfathered is something I pass the time with. For me, every other comedy on network tv is mediocre at best.

Speaking of network tv, I’ve been watching The X-Files, which is weird because I never watched it when it was on. I’m totally confused by the main plot, aliens aren’t real or they are and we stole technology to pretend aliens aren’t real??? I have no idea, but I do know that from watching Californication, I like David Duchovny. I have no idea why I do, but I like him. I did have to tap out of his NBC show Aquarius. It just did nothing for me.

I’m off to check if Hulu has uploaded the West coast version of Undateable Live, yet again. If not, I will just have to rewatch this weeks episode of Man Seeking Woman.

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