Why do I Podcast?

TommySometimes I ask myself that question. “Why are you giving up many hours a week to do something you’re not getting paid for?” On some shows, the hosts just show up and talk. Some times that’s great, but most of the time, like most podcasts, it’s terrible.

I like a balance between the two. I like to have a loose outline of what the show is and go from there. I often have “jokes” that I plan to pull off during the show and don’t tell the other guys what I have planned – If my “plan” falls apart, it’s a fun challenge to improv our way out in to something funny.

I do miss things about radio. I don’t always like callers, but the right caller(s) can really add to a segment or take it an even better direction. Radio was fun like that. It was also fun to try to take something as far as possible and still play inside the “rules.” It was a fun challenge to have tell a graphic sex joke without it being graphic at all. I always loved innuendo. It’s a fun wink to the audience and to those that “get it.”

So getting back to the original question, why do I podcast? It’s not that I feel I have some great point of view or that I’m special. For me, I like to laugh. I like to make others laugh. I love to create things. I love to make content. I love coming up with an idea, whether it’s something on the show, or creating and editing audio, video or even making something in Photoshop for the FaceBook and Twitter followers. I love it even more when I can tie different mediums together. For example, Alex has a horrible track record with dating and he has a hatred for Eharmony. That’s why I amused myself by making this video:

After leaving Clear Channel/IHeartMedia, I would hang out with new friends and many often remarked, “Hanging out with you is fun. I feel like we’re doing a radio show.” I guess that’s just me. I’m not a traditional artist, but I have a need to express myself through podcasting and social media. It’s a thrill to create something, whether it’s a show or a picture or blog, and put it out on social media and see the reaction it gets.

Creating is in my blood. Lately I’ve been working on mastering my Photoshop and Illustrator skills because I am overcome with the urge to create. So tell your friends to listen, like the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, so I have more reasons to create 🙂

– Tommy

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